Our plastic factory was established on April 22nd., 1970 and began operations in a small building at Keizerstraat 203 in Paramaribo, Suriname.
On November 10th., 1981 the company's legal structure was changed into a limited liability company named Surinam Plastics Manufacturing N.V.
In May 1992 the ownership was changed, and a new managing director appointed. Since this date, the policy has been to replace aging machinery and expand the production capacity. In 1996 a new capability was added, namely the flexographic printing of rolls.
A substantial investment was implemented in February 2004 with the construction of a much larger factory building at Nw Charlesburgweg 85 in Paramaribo. The manufacturing and sales operations were moved to this new location. The production capacity was furthermore increased with additional new and advanced machinery. A recycling machine was also installed to process in-house waste material.